Trodden S. Miles: Ooooh, have you tried this new game thing called Third Life?
Trodden S. Miles turns his screen to face you
Cody Tebaldi: Oooh! Show me!
Trodden S. Miles: Look, you can create your own avatar and stuff
Trodden S. Miles: We can play grownups
Cody Tebaldi: Cooool!
Cody Tebaldi starts signing up.
Cody Tebaldi: It says you can even make your own clothes and cars and stuff!
Trodden S. Miles: People like buy giant houses and make babies and stuff
Cody Tebaldi: Drat! You’ve gotta be over 18!
Trodden S. Miles changes his birth date to 1954
Trodden S. Miles: I’m in!
Cody Tebaldi snickers and changes his own.
Cody Tebaldi: So, I’ve logged into an “infohub”. There’s some weirdo here that looks like a…
Trodden S. Miles: Ooooh look, only five minutes and someone already wants to …
Cody Tebaldi: Gah!!!
Trodden S. Miles: Ewww is this what grownups do all day long?
Cody Tebaldi shakes his head sadly.
Trodden S. Miles giggles as some n00b cries: “I WANT TO DO THE SEX!” in voice chat
Cody Tebaldi: Someone keeps asking me for money.
Trodden S. Miles: Does everyone just stand around all day long and not say anything?
Trodden S. Miles: And that woman over there must have horrible backaches.
Cody Tebaldi: What’s with that chick who keeps yelling “HOOOOOOOO!!!” over and over?
Trodden S. Miles logs out
Trodden S. Miles: Lame.
Cody Tebaldi closes his computer and agrees.